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Deformities in these parts of the genital area not only lead to a bad aesthetic appearance, but also cause problems such as insecurity, inadequacy in sexuality, dissatisfaction or embarrassment in women. However, although a significant number of women today are aware of their aesthetic concerns, they cannot express them comfortably, seek solutions alone because they cannot express themselves comfortably and experience serious stress.

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Procedures performed in genital aesthetics are simple and smile-inducing. The ability of patients to return to work and social life quickly after the procedure has also helped remove the taboo surrounding the topic and the way women approach it. The communication based on trust between patient and doctor leads to satisfying results after procedures due to the pleasing outcomes achieved. With the advanced and fast medical techniques, patients can now easily achieve the desired result. Genital aesthetics significantly change women's lives. This change can be summarized as follows:
  • Women feel better and increase their confidence after genital aesthetic procedures.
  • They achieve a more aesthetic appearance when wearing athletic clothing, leggings, swimwear, or a bikini.
  • They are no longer experiencing pain, difficulties, and are enjoying more pleasure in sexual relationships.


Improve the quality of your sexual life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are vagina aesthetic surgeries?
Inner lip aesthetics (Labioplasty, labia minora surgery, labia minora reduction, labia minora aesthetics, labio minoraplasty),

Clitoral hoodoplasty (removal of skin layers over the clitoris),

Vaginoplasty (surgical narrowing and tightening of the vagina),

Perineoplasty (Aesthetic correction of the area between the vagina and the macad, called the perineum, removal and correction of birth suture scars),

G spot augmentation,

Puboplasty (Aesthetics of the 'Pubis' bump known as the lower groin area),

Labio majora augmentation (Labio majora augmentation, fat filling of the labia majora),

Labio majora tightening (tightening the labia majora, giving fullness),

Genital area decolorization (Applications related to decolorization in the darkened genital area),

Hymenoplasty (temporary or permanent repair of the hymen).
Why do women have genital plastic surgery?
Everyone has different body parts that they complain about. Some are uncomfortable with their nose and some with their breasts. The fact that some organs that are desired to be different disturb the person also creates a social distancing in the person. For example, a person who complains that his nose is too big or crooked may not want to mix with people.

The same applies to the genital area. A person who is uncomfortable in the genital area cannot live a comfortable sexual life. And it may be more hesitant to raise these issues than other organs. In such cases, aesthetic medicine comes to the aid of the person. People who are uncomfortable with their genital area and want to eliminate the deformations that occur apply to genital aesthetic methods.
Does genital plastic surgery leave scars?
Generally, in surgeries for the vagina and lips, the stitches in the mucous membrane do not leave scars and heal quickly. At the same time, being performed by an experienced and knowledgeable doctor who is an expert in the field, applying the correct technique during the operation and using proper suture materials will minimize the risk of scarring.
Is it possible to achieve the desired appearance after genital plastic surgery?
The patient must be informed by the doctor about the outcome before the procedure. The aim of aesthetic procedures is not to create a new organ, but to change and beautify the existing organ. Genital plastic surgeries will bring very big changes, but it is not possible to disrupt some structural features.
Does it take a long time to return to daily life after genital aesthetics?
After genital plastic surgery, it is necessary to stay at home and rest for the first 3 days, but it is not recommended that the patient stay in bed continuously. Everyday work can be done, but not heavy. 3. After the end of the day, the person can slowly start to return to his/her old routine, but after the 10th day, the person can completely return to his/her old life and can easily run his/her daily chores. It is necessary to wait longer for active sports or exposure to too hot environments.
How does the operation process progress in genital plastic surgery?
The same procedure is not applied in every genital aesthetic surgery. The purpose of each genital plastic surgery is different, so the intervened tissues will not be the same. The following is mostly what you need to know about the operation process:

General anesthesia or local anesthesia methods are applied in genital aesthetic surgeries.

Since anesthesia is applied, patients do not feel any pain or ache during the procedure.

The healing process is quite short.

The patient is usually discharged immediately after the operation.
Self-dissolving sutures are used during surgery. Therefore, there is no need for stitches.

The healing process of each genital plastic surgery differs.

Each patient's recovery process is also different. However, the patient usually recovers in a week or 2 weeks.
What causes deformities in the genital area?
Deformations in the genital area also bring self-confidence problems. These problems range from sexual reluctance to anorgasmia. Such anxieties may start with sexual reluctance and then progress to dysfunction in emotional relationships. Apart from aesthetic concerns, when it comes to the genital area, some problems may also occur in the functional area. An enlarged vagina leads to a lack of pleasure in sexual intercourse for both men and women. This situation is not psychological but falls into the category of physical anxiety, which can be solved by genital aesthetic methods.
What is labiaplasty?
Labiaplasty is an operation that plays an important role in eliminating deformations and aesthetic problems seen in the outer lips. It is very reliable and has a very high success rate.
Is genital aesthetics possible without surgery?
With the advancement of aesthetic medicine with the help of technology, it is now possible to apply non-surgical methods. Genital aesthetics is also an area that gets its share from these applications.
Can genital aesthetic procedures be performed in the clinic? How long does it take to return to daily life?
Genital aesthetic applications can be applied with local anesthesia in the clinic environment without the need for hospitals. You can return to daily life approximately 3-4 days after the procedure.
Why is genital aesthetics needed?
Although aesthetic concerns are at the top of the need for genital aesthetics, some genetic or acquired problems in women can also cause this.
What are the most common genital aesthetic applications?
Applications such as labiaplasty, vaginal tightening, genital rejuvenation and vaginal whitening are among the most common genital aesthetic areas.
What does vaginal tightening do?
Women may resort to vaginal tightening procedures due to enlargement of the vagina or loss of its former tight form. A large vagina leads to sexual dissatisfaction and lack of pleasure in both men and women. Therefore, vaginal tightening is applied.
Is hymenoplasty safe?
It is a very reliable operation with the right technique. Short and long-term repairs of the hymen are possible. I want to have perineal correction surgery in your clinic. Is this procedure possible under general anesthesia? Of course it is possible.
How long after delivery should vaginoplasty be performed?
It is necessary to wait at least 3 months after birth for this procedure.
If the stitches are opened after normal delivery, what can be done about this situation?
Perineoplasty, popularly known as perineal repair operation, removes the deformation in the area.
I still suffer from gas incontinence after normal delivery. It's been 6 months, can I have surgery?
There may be damage to the muscles around the anus. For this, we recommend that you first undergo an examination. It is possible to solve this problem with surgery.
Can a large clitoris that is visible from the outside be corrected with an operation? Is the operation risky?
Of course it will be fixed. If the clitoris is not shaved during the labiaplasty procedure, this area takes on the appearance of a 'micropenis'. Therefore, a 'clitorohudoplasty' operation is essential. The most important and special part of labiaplasty operations is the clitorohudoplasty procedure.
Can a large clitoris that is visible from the outside be corrected with an operation? Is the operation risky?
Of course it will be fixed. If the clitoris is not shaved during the labiaplasty procedure, this area takes on the appearance of a 'micropenis'. Therefore, a 'clitorohudoplasty' operation is essential. The most important and special part of labiaplasty operations is the clitorohudoplasty procedure.
Can genital aesthetics be done with childbirth, or should it be postponed?
Genital plastic surgery such as labiaplasty or vaginal tightening operations cannot be performed during labor. It is recommended that you wait at least 3 months after giving birth.
How do we decide whether vaginal tightening should be done with laser or surgery? I don't dare to come. Can you share price information?
It's nothing to be ashamed of. All our work is focused on these areas. We prioritize laser vaginal tightening surgeries for mild dilatation and surgical vaginal tightening surgeries for severe dilatation. 0532 677 88 56 You can get detailed information about prices by calling our WhatsApp line or leaving a message.
I have a complaint of inner lip sagging. For this reason, I really want to have genital aesthetics. Can I get an average price for this please?
Labiaplasty is charged according to the size of the operation to be performed. The operation may take half an hour or two hours. First, an assessment is essential. The most important part of the surgery is the simultaneous removal of the skin folds on the clitoris. For pricing and price range, please call our whatsap line 0532 677 88 56 or leave a message here.
I've been married for 12 years and I never feel the in and out during intercourse. Is this normal?
It is a condition known as 'Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome'. Treatment is possible with a surgical operation (vaginoplasty). Since your muscles are zoomed in during the operation, the narrowing is at the maximum level. If your enlargement is not too much in your examination, we get very good results with laser or radiofrequency applications.
Can the perineum be repaired at the same time as the tightening procedure?
Yes, it can and even should be done. For best results, vaginal tightening should be combined with a perineal repair ('perineoplasty') operation.
My vaginal opening is narrow, but the inside is wide. What is the reason for this?
The vagina is an 8-9 cm long transfer organ. Sexual intercourse, menstruation and the birth canal. The peculiarity of this channel is that it widens as it goes deeper. It also doubles in width during intercourse. So you have a normal vaginal structure.
I am 47 years old and sometimes during intercourse and sometimes out of the blue, 'my vagina sounds like gas coming out'. Is there any chance that this situation can be corrected?
This condition is called 'Flatus Vaginalis'. It is the release of gas from the vagina during intercourse. Sometimes it also happens when doing fitness or lifting weights. Vaginal laxity may be due to low muscle tone. Vaginal laser application can produce a solution in this regard. Sometimes vaginal tightening also gives good results. I recommend laser because of your age.

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